Coleman Decorated Product Finds New Opportunities Amongst COVID-19 Pandemic


WICHITA, Kansas – Jarden Custom finds success in creating stronger vendor partnerships with dependable, safe products. As COVID-19 takes a toll on US businesses many working as essential businesses must invest in better solutions for the health of their teams and customers.

Just a few months ago, many companies were doing business as usual. There was a competitive landscape focused on building marketshare. Now, more companies are simply interested in how to stay in businesses to ride out the storm the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the national economy. Support for other business and an emphasis on safety and dependability are the keys now. Unique opportunities that may not have been around before are now presenting themselves, and those that can produce at this time are supporting organizations that may not be able to do so.

“It’s only been a short time, but this is a difficult journey,” stated Jason Rowe, marketing manager for the Jarden Custom, one of the official decorators for The Coleman Outdoor Company. “No one knows how to plan for something like this. There aren’t timetables you can put together and plan strategically to get you through. We followed a logical progression of thought – if people can’t buy at this time, slow things down, reduce expenses and hold ground until the business climate normalizes.”

However, Jarden Custom soon found waiting was not the answer. People were needing dependable, safe products to help promote the healthy environment they needed for their employees. While orders may not be exactly as they were last year, there were similarities and, in some categories, an increase in orders during this time. For example, rather than having a multi-use container for water on a site, companies now needed individual beverage containers for their workers. “We’re finding some areas are increasing,” Rowe explained. “As an essential business still operating and shipping product out in the US, we’re able to fulfill those orders in a very reasonable time and help businesses continue to operate as well.

“Resources are limited, companies are just trying to survive. We had to rethink our strategy about marketing something unique or new and thinking about safety and dependability. This is a great time to share opportunities with others and reach out to help those in need. In fact, we have recently lowered prices which helps those that are having trouble finding products they need to keep their workers and environments safer. Now is the time to be a community partner and work together to weather through the storm. It’s a challenge but finding a way to support others and become a better vendor partner is how we continue to build strong relationships during this devastating situation.”

Jarden Custom is an official decorator for The Coleman Outdoor brand of products. Defined as an essential business based in Wichita, Kansas, Jarden Custom is fully operational and shipping product at this time. From jugs and coolers to flashlights and lanterns, Jarden Custom can help you find the product that works best for your needs and brand. To see all products or for inquiries on how to connect your brand with one of America’s leading outdoor brands, visit Association member – ASI 45647  |  PPAI 272552  |  Sage 67069.

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